Deep Insights

Semantic search and prediction

Filter documents through relationships between concepts; Study aggregate conceptual trends; Higher order conceptual inference

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Temporal Trends

Study how mentions of concepts/keywords varie over time

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Spatial Trends

Study how frequently locatations are mentioned within specfic document subsets

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Measurement trends

Study detailed histogram of measurements

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Getting started

  1. Navigate to the web application configration page
  2. Click on "NSIDC-Crawl" (blue button) to point the application to the latest crawl index. This will loadd the configration form. Don't forget to click on save.
  3. Click on "download" (yellow button) to download the ontology graph onto your browser's local storage.
  4. Click on "download" (bright blue button) additional precomputed info for the app to function.
  5. You are all set to get started with the visualizations.

Useful links

  1. Walk through video
  2. Instruction manual
  3. Wiki
  4. Contribute here


  1. Mining insights from the scientific web
  2. Polar domain discovery